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Office Hours with The Practical Prof®

In this video edition of Office Hours, The Practical Prof®, Dr. Santo D. Marabella, talks with author and friend, Kyle Ruffin, about her role as a caregiver for her mother and her book, In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story. Watch Now.

Book Discussion Guide Now Available

Caregiver support groups looking for tools to jumpstart conversations can now use the “In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver” discussion guide to discuss topics relevant to anyone on a caregiving journey. “In Stroke’s Shadow” brings caregiver issues to the surface and opens the door to finding solutions, inner-peace and the courage to indulge in self care.

My Personal Experience With Nursing Home Abuse & How You Can Protect Your Loved Ones

I had my own experience with nursing home abuse. I may not have known it at the time, but the more I learned, the happier I am that I took action. Learn what you need to about nursing home abuse from Education and action are all we have when it comes to protecting the people we love.

ARTZ Philadelphia – Recreation & Respite for Families Managing Alzheimers & Dementia

This unique program was created to provide respite and joy for #caregivers and their loved ones. Their in-person and online programs are free to families with loved ones suffering from #Dementia and #Alzheimers. Online options make this program accessible no matter where you are. ARTZ Philadelphia also offers training to organizations and facilities that want…
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Talking Stroke Caregiver Awareness with WABC7 NY’s Sandra Bookman

Behind every stroke survivor is host of caregivers picking up the pieces. Without caregivers, there would be no trips to the doctor or attention to meds, or managing the personal business that the patient can no longer deal with.

Book Interview on Rabbi Richard Address’ Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast

It was a pleasure to speak with Rabbi Richard Address about “In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story” and why caregiving is being considered a newly recognized stage of life.

Can Palliative Care Ease Caregiving Burdens?

Dr. Stephen Goldfine of Samaritan Life-Enhancing Care explains how Palliative Care can take some of the burden off of family caregivers. Often referred to as Comfort Care, Palliative Care goes beyond treating a disease. The purpose is to help patients and families set and meet their personal goals of care.

When Aphasia Takes Hold

Aphasia may be new to some thanks to Bruce Willis going public with his diagnosis. But many stroke sufferers and their caregivers know it well. I knew it well. I got a crash course in aphasia after Mommy’s first stroke.

Yes, You Can Mourn Someone Who Is Still Alive

I remember well the day I realized I was in morning for my mother — even though she was showing steady progress after her first stroke. It hit me while I was driving that familiar route to her house.

Spiritual Self Care Isn’t Just For The Religious

Rabbi Richard Address shares ways to restore the Spirit — the energy that animates us and the people we care for — whether you consider yourself religious or not.