Speaking Topics

Book Chat For Caregiver Support Groups

This program is for groups that have read “In Stroke’s Shadow” and want to share their perspectives within a safe, supportive community. This is ideal for new and existing caregiver support groups, and affinity groups that come together around caregiver issues, and groups interested in providing an impetus to start their own discussion about this increasingly relevant topic. The Book Discussion Guide helps participants open up about the unique challenges they face.

How Caregivers Affect Healthcare Outcomes

In many cases, caregivers are the sole drivers of patients following through on doctor and other healthcare professional’s orders. To better serve patients and their family caregivers, providers must understand the full picture of what happens outside of office visits and hospital stays. This presentation is designed to put a face on caregiving and the difficult challenges every caregiver faces.

Caring for the Caregiver

Six important lessons I learned while caring when caring for my mother who suffered three major strokes in less than three years. This presentation is followed by guided sharing among attendees.

“In Stroke’s Shadow” Book Reading

Kyle reads a chapter from her book and then invites guided sharing among those who are in the audience.