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When thrust into caregiving, we often go into automatic pilot, reacting only to the needs of the loved one who has suffered from or is experiencing a catastrophic health crisis.  Although we know the stories about caregivers suffering great setbacks, it’s hard to give ourselves permission to turn our attention to our own needs. 

The cultural ties that bind don’t have to be a life-sentence.  Caregiving is hard, but “In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story” is a conversation starter. It’s a vehicle for bringing people together to learn from and share coping mechanisms with others who are on the same journey. 

“In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story” is now available to purchase. Excerpts are alsonavailable on this website and readers are encouraged to share their stories here to inspire and engage the growing community of family caregivers.

This is one of many caregiver books that can help people navigate a very difficult time.

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