About Kyle

When Kyle Ruffin left her marketing jobs at KYW Newsradio and Philadelphia Business Journal to start her own business, she had no idea her life would take a sudden left turn.  Within a few short months, Paula, her young, vibrant mother suffered the first of three strokes. Kyle was Paula’s only immediate family member and she became fulltime caregiver for her mother, who’s condition dramatically changed both of their lives.

Kyle’s book “In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story” chronicles the ups, downs, surprising moments of love from a caring community and shocking revelations that marked a nearly 3-year period. She wrote this book because the lessons she learned were too valuable to keep to herself.

Caregiving leaves a mark on one’s soul that can last well beyond the loss of a loved one. Kyle uses her story to provide caregivers — particularly caregivers of color — with tools and perspective that will help them see themselves through loving eyes, understand their unique truth and give them permission to “indulge” in self care.  

Let’s start the conversation so the healing can follow.